Lauren Rocco

eXp Realty in North Carolina

eXp Realty in North Carolina

About Lauren Rocco

Lauren Rocco has been selling homes for close to 20 years! She started in the panhandle of Florida not even old enough to buy a bottle of wine as a closing gift.


Lauren has since risen to the top 3% of all Realtors and currently serves clients in Charlotte, NC. She has a passion for helping others on their journey of home-ownership and believes it should be exciting and fun, not stressful!


She’s a pastors wife turned entrepreneur and refuses to fit into any box. She’s been called a community hype girl always rallying people together to have a good time. Lauren has been married to Johnny Rocco for 18 years and has 2 boys, Jude and Eli.


She would take a taco over wine any day and would rather die

than do a spreadsheet. Lauren is an Ennagram 7 to the core!

If fact, when not selling homes she’s probably on vacation. She

loves life and has a passion to help women find their purpose.


Lauren lives by the motto “You are a child of God, playing

small does not serve the world!”

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